My Little Grand-Daughter

Isn’t she a beauty? She was beat up today, but don’t think that this sweet looking little girl didn’t get some punches in on the other three girls.

One girl had an iron bar and the other two girls used their fists. They all got caught and the one girl was recognized as a relative and she ran away. The other two girls were still there when the police arrived. One girl’s mother lied for her daughter saying that she wasn’t involved in it.

They all have a future court date.

Now why did this have to happen? The girls had gone into an area where they were not welcome. But why did it have to happen. In the older days it never would have happened. At her age we all lived in a peaceful area. It was a different time and a different story.


Back in the Good Old Days

My memories of my birth are very dim. Mostly what I was told by my mother. She gave birth to me on our couch in the living room. Because I was born at home, I never received a birth certificate.

I was named (please don’t laugh) Samuel Elmer Bailey. An interesting story… “Mom, why was I called by this name?”

“Well one day your grandma and your great-grandma were visiting me and they asked me what I was going to name the baby.”

“I jokingly said, Samuel for his Great grandpa and Elmer for his Grandpa. They were all excited and claiming what a wonderful name.”

And I was stuck with it. Later it was changed to Johnson through adoption when my mother remarried, but that’s another story.



This lady was looking kind of grumpy as she walked past me. It must have been a hard day for her. Like normal, I spoke without even a single thought about consequences. This woman looked like she could cut me up, slice and dice me without a thought.

“Smile”, I heard the words leaving mouth.

Her entire face brightened up and turned softer, as she flashed me a big genuine smile.

“That’s much better, this is my job this morning, making people happy.”

The lady walked into the store to purchase her fuel as I got into my car. She came out of the store before I started my car and gave me even a bigger smile.

I thought to myself as I drove away, how easy it is to shine your light on a stranger and make their day just a little bit better. It made my day a little bit better also. Was this what life was like 75 years ago. Yes it was. Have a good day my friends, peace and love.