Once again

Back in the Good Old Days. I had to do five years of counseling. I had a very good counselor, I didn’t have to pay for my time with her and she brought me fresh eggs from her hens each time I came to an appointment.

One of the things that she had me doing was to take a piece of string that she had given to me and asked me to tie a knot in it every time that I was having a good time. A month went by and I still didn’t have a knot tied in it yet.

Because I had a problem with hibernation she also asked me to go to a convenience store at least once a day. I had to strike up a conversation with at least one person, not just a thank you and goodbye, but a real conversation. And thanks to her, I can’t shut up in front of people even today. My mouth says the darned things sometimes.

I could have cheated on her at any time but I choose to work the program.

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