Ancient Days

As my days slowly turn older, I am constantly reminded of what life was like before.  When I could run and be as free as a bird, when I could go hiking through the woods where I had grown up at.

The days that have fled so swiftly before my eyes. But I can remember each individual incident and the regret for wasting that precious time that I had been given. I had been allowed to have free will and do whatever I wanted for over thirty years or more. How did I waste those years?

On fooliness, drugs, alchohol, adultrious effections, fast cars and motorcycles,  I was the Prodigal Son. I spent every thing until I was broke.

I had wasted away three marriages through my on stupidity, five children that I considered disposible. And now it comes back to haunt me.



Matthew 4:4

Jesus answered, “It is written; ‘man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God’ ”

Never underestimate the power of your words. A physician speaks and the surgery is continued or the man is sent home from the hospital. A judge either commits the man or sets him free.

Words can bless us or words can curse us. Words can either lift us up or cut us down.

Let us continue to bless others and to lift them up at all times through showing our love.

In this new year, let’s pay closer attention to hearing what the words are that proceed out of the mouth of God. He always speaks the truth!


Happy New Year

I pray for the best new year ever for all of my friends and family. With your help we can make this the best year ever.

All that we have to do is follow the path that leads to Victory. Follow the old traditions and walk in righteousness.

Live in happiness, love one another, spread joy as you walk.


My Momma

This is where it all started. I am so glad that I was born in the days of old, in the days gone by. I had a great love for my mother, she was our soul provider for a long time. She worked as hard as any mother in those days. It was unheard of for the mother to be a single parent in those days.

But my dad was a bum like I was as I grew up. He had left for California, hoping to find work. I guess that he never did.

My mother searched for a man to marry and finally found a descent man from Cleveland, Ohio. I hated living in the city. I became a troubled teenager.

We moved out into the suburbs which was a little better. My stepdad was good to my mom, he provided her with a new house, all new furniture (which she immediately enclosed in the latest in plastic not to be opened until company came).

I hated my stepdad because before I had always been the man of the house. Now I was just a teenager running wild in the 1950’s.

But you know why I loved my mum? She had raised me to be obedient to my elders. She had taught me right from wrong. She had taught me to never place anything on the Bible, placing it above. She taught me to always observe the Sabbath as a day of rest. She taught me to never spell out X-Mass, it was the same as taking Christ out of Christmas. And she taught me how Jesus loved even poor folks like us.

Merry Christmas to all!


Back Here

AA Meetings It got so that I loved going to the meetings. The people that went there were just country folk. I met so many of them that were truly giving and absolutely no prejudice, even though they knew where I had come from.

I was more of a drug addict, than I was an alcoholic. I liked to drink just to add the buzz. But the nearest place for an NA meeting was up in Rapid City.

I made good friends there. My favorite program on TV is “Mom it’s centered around AA people. I have my sobriety to thank for that group. Valentine, Nebraska chapter.


Once again

Back in the Good Old Days. I had to do five years of counseling. I had a very good counselor, I didn’t have to pay for my time with her and she brought me fresh eggs from her hens each time I came to an appointment.

One of the things that she had me doing was to take a piece of string that she had given to me and asked me to tie a knot in it every time that I was having a good time. A month went by and I still didn’t have a knot tied in it yet.

Because I had a problem with hibernation she also asked me to go to a convenience store at least once a day. I had to strike up a conversation with at least one person, not just a thank you and goodbye, but a real conversation. And thanks to her, I can’t shut up in front of people even today. My mouth says the darned things sometimes.

I could have cheated on her at any time but I choose to work the program.


Back in The Not So Good Old Days

I got arrested one day. I got paid to burn a building, it provided us with some extra Christmas money. I was reduced to Attempted Criminal Mischief and got off with once a week probation visit, once a week AA meeting, and once a week council with a therapist for the next five years.

The probation officer only checked my urine specimen, of which I quickly learned how to flush. One day I came in after flushing and my P.O. set there shaking my flush back and forth and said “I suppose that this is your flush?”

It was a fluorescent dark green. Not a good old day!